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File #: 21-515    Version: 1 Name:
Type: Informational Report Status: Passed
File created: 4/20/2021 In control: County Administrative Office
On agenda: 4/27/2021 Final action: 4/27/2021
Title: Project Trellis Committee Recommendations for the Grant Fund Awards in the Fiscal Year 2020-21 Grant Round
Attachments: 1. Staff Report, 2. 2021-Trellis-40 Sunrise Mountain Farms Application Summary.pdf, 3. 2021- Trellis-01 Conscious Gardeners Application Summary.pdf, 4. 2021-Trellis-58 Seely Creek Road Association Application Summary.pdf, 5. 2021-Trellis-50 Redwood Alternative Agriculture Fund Application Summary.pdf, 6. 2021-Trellis-13 Bridges Academy Application Summary.pdf, 7. 2021-Trellis-53 County Line Creek Road Maintenance Association Application Summary.pdf, 8. 2021-Trellis-11 Uplift Cooperative Application Summary.pdf, 9. 2021-Trellis-49 Lost Coast Farmers Guild Application Summary.pdf, 10. 2021-Trellis-22 Humboldt Natives Application Summary.pdf, 11. 2021-Trellis-51 Willow Creek Cannabis Alliance Application Summary.pdf, 12. 2021-Trellis-55 Garden Lane Road Maintenance Association Application Summary.pdf, 13. 2021-Trellis-52 Burr Valley Road Department Application Summary.pdf, 14. 2021-Trellis-43 Whitethorn Valley Farm LLC Application Summary.pdf, 15. 2021-Trellis-54 Cobb Road Association Application Summary.pdf, 16. 2021-Trellis-12 Aloha Humboldt Application Summary.pdf, 17. 2021-Trellis-33 River Day Farms Application Summary.pdf, 18. March 3 2021 Draft Meeting Minutes.pdf, 19. Micro-grant Ranks and Funding Slate.pdf, 20. 2021-Trellis-01 Conscious Gardens_Redcated_funding recommended.pdf, 21. 2021-Trellis-02 Dark Staffing Solutions_Redacted.pdf, 22. 2021-Trellis-03 Humboldt Trim Company_Redacted.pdf, 23. 2021-Trellis-04 James Adam Taylor_Redacted.pdf, 24. 2021-Trellis-05 North Coast Journal_Redacted.pdf, 25. 2021-Trellis-06 Professional Lettuce_Redacted.pdf, 26. 2021-Trellis-07 The Stuudiio_Redacted.pdf, 27. 2021-Trellis-08 Benbow Valley Farms_Redacted.pdf, 28. 2021-Trellis-09 Benbow Valley Farms (2)_Redacted.pdf, 29. 2021-Trellis-10 The Humboldt Cure_Redacted.pdf, 30. 2021-Trellis-11 Uplift Cooperative_Redacted.pdf, 31. 2021-Trellis-12 Aloha Humboldt_Redacted.pdf, 32. 2021-Trellis-13 Bridges Academy Farms_Redacted.pdf, 33. 2021-Trellis-14 Doane - Road Improvement_Redacted.pdf, 34. 2021-Trellis-15 DSCD holdings_Redacted.pdf, 35. 2021-Trellis-16 Eight Mad Farmers_Redacted.pdf, 36. 2021-Trellis-17 Empress Farms_Redacted.pdf, 37. 2021-Trellis-18 Freshwater Farmacy_Redacted.pdf, 38. 2021-Trellis-19 Goat Rock Ranch_Redacted.pdf, 39. 2021-Trellis-20 Grass Valley Patient Resource Group_Redacted.pdf, 40. 2021-Trellis-21 Humboldt Heirlooms_Redacted.pdf, 41. 2021-Trellis-22 Humboldt Natives_Redacted.pdf, 42. 2021-Trellis-24 HummingBudFarms Application_Redacted.pdf, 43. 2021-Trellis-25 Jennifer Markman Farms_Redacted.pdf, 44. 2021-Trellis-26 Western Humboldt Foundation for Farmer Advocacy Lost Coast Farms _Redacted.pdf, 45. 2021-Trellis-27 Lucy Gulch LLC_Redacted.pdf, 46. 2021-Trellis-28 Mantis Nursery (Blue Rock Gardens)_Redacted.pdf, 47. 2021-Trellis-29 Mary Janes Way_Redacted.pdf, 48. 2021-Trellis-30 OG Cannabis Company LLC_Redacted.pdf, 49. 2021-Trellis-31 PJC Wellness, LLC_Redacted.pdf, 50. 2021-Trellis-32 Redwood Creek Resources_Redacted.pdf, 51. 2021-Trellis-33 River Day Farms_Redacted.pdf, 52. 2021-Trellis-34 Sacred Solutions, Inc_Redacted.pdf, 53. 2021-Trellis-35 Selena Rowan_Redacted.pdf, 54. 2021-Trellis-36 Silk Ranch_Redacted.pdf, 55. 2021-Trellis-37 So Hum Royal Farm_Redacted.pdf, 56. 2021-Trellis-38 Sunnabis_Redacted.pdf, 57. 2021-Trellis-39 Sunnyside Farms_Redacted.pdf, 58. 2021-Trellis-40 Sunrise Mountain Farms_Redacted.pdf, 59. 2021-Trellis-41 Treestone Farms LLC_Redacted.pdf, 60. 2021-Trellis-42 Today's Humboldt County_Redacted.pdf, 61. 2021-Trellis-43 Whitethorn Valley Farms_Redacted.pdf, 62. 2021-Trellis-44 Sensi Valley Farms_Redacted.pdf, 63. 2021-Trellis-45 Kiskanu_Redacted.pdf, 64. 2021-Trellis-46 ManaWell LLC_Redacted.pdf, 65. 2021-Trellis-47 Royal Compound_Redacted.pdf, 66. 2021-Trellis-48 Seventh Wave_Redacted.pdf, 67. 2021-Trellis-49 Lost Coast Farmers Guild_Redacted.pdf, 68. 2021-Trellis-50 Redwood Alternative Agriculture Fund_Redacted.pdf, 69. 2021-Trellis-51 Willow Creek Cannabis Alliance_Redacted.pdf, 70. 2021-Trellis-52 Burr Valley Road Department_Redacted.pdf, 71. 2021-Trellis-53 County Line Creek Road Associatio_Redacted.pdf, 72. 2021-Trellis-54 Cobb Road Association_Redacted.pdf, 73. 2021-Trellis-55 Garden Lane Road Association_Redacted.pdf, 74. 2021-Trellis-56 Larabee Creek Road Maintenance Assocation_Redacted.pdf, 75. 2021-Trellis-57 Rancho Sequoia Road Association_Redacted.pdf, 76. 2021-Trellis-58 Seely Creek Road Association_Redacted.pdf

To: Board of Supervisors

From: County Administrative Office

Agenda Section: Consent

Project Trellis Committee Recommendations for the Grant Fund Awards in the Fiscal Year 2020-21 Grant Round

That the Board of Supervisors:
1. Approve the slate of Cannabis Business Micro-Grant Awards recommended for approval by the Project Trellis Committee and staff (Attachment 1 - Attachment 16); and
2. Authorize the County Administrative Officer, or designee, to sign the grant agreements when completed, after review and approval by County Counsel and Risk Management.

Fund 1120, Budget Unit 275 Economic Development, Trellis Micro-Grant Fund 421


On March 12, 2019, your Board adopted a framework for Project Trellis, the County of Humboldt's Cannabis Micro-grant, Marketing, and Local Equity Program. Your Board further directed staff to return with a suggested framework for reviewing, ranking and scoring micro-grant applications. Staff returned with a recommendation for establishing a grant committee and, on May 28, 2019, your Board adopted Resolution 19-45 forming the Humboldt County Cannabis Micro-Grant & Loan Advisory Committee (hereinafter referred to as Committee).

On Jan. 12, 2021, your Board adopted Resolution 21-06 which amended Resolution 19-45, as amended by Resolution 20-33, establishing the Project Trellis Committee, previously known as the Humboldt County Cannabis Micro-Grant & Loan Advisory Committee, which modified the Committee's purpose to "review and score" applications, and directs staff to provide recommendations to the Board of Supervisors for final approval based on the Committee's ranking and review of the applications.

Your Board previously approved a budget allocating no less than 10 percent of all local cannabis excise tax revenue to be used for Project Trellis. The amount allocated to Project Trellis for the competitive grant roun...

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