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File #: 21-429    Version: 1 Name:
Type: Informational Report Status: Passed
File created: 4/5/2021 In control: County Administrative Office
On agenda: 4/20/2021 Final action: 4/20/2021
Title: Fiscal Year 2021-22 Recommendations from the Citizens' Advisory Committee on Measure Z Expenditures
Sponsors: Amy Nilsen
Attachments: 1. Staff Report, 2. 1. Citizens' Advisory Committee - Letter of Recommendation.docx, 3. 1.1 MZ Application Tracker Committee - 2021-22 FINAL.pdf, 4. 2.1 Adult Protective Services and District Attorneys Office.pdf, 5. 2.2 Arcata Police Department.pdf, 6. 2.3 City of Trinidad.pdf, 7. 2.4 Cooperation Humboldt.pdf, 8. 2.5 Cooperation Humboldt Disaster Response and Community Resilience Program.pdf, 9. 2.6 Eureka Broadcasting.pdf, 10. 2.7 Eureka City Schools.pdf, 11. 2.8 Eureka Police Department-UPLIFT.pdf, 12. 2.9 Fortuna Police Department - DTF.pdf, 13. 2.10 Fortuna Police Department - K9.pdf, 14. 2.11 Fortuna Police Department - Radio.pdf, 15. 2.12 Fortuna Police Department - SRO.pdf, 16. 2.13 Free to Fly Foundation Single Moms Fund.pdf, 17. 2.14 Garberville Redway Public Restroom Working Group.pdf, 18. 2.15 Humboldt County Fire Chiefs Association.pdf, 19. 2.16 Humboldt County Public Defender.pdf, 20. 2.17 Humboldt County Public Works Chip Seal.pdf, 21. 2.18 Humboldt County Public Works F and Oak.pdf, 22. 2.19 Humboldt County Public Works Illegal Dumping.pdf, 23. 2.20 Humboldt County Public Works PSA.pdf, 24. 2.21 HCSO Body Worn Camera.pdf, 25. 2.22 HCSO Dispatch.pdf, 26. 2.23 HCSO Radio Infrastructure.pdf, 27. 2.24 Humboldt Medi-Trans.pdf, 28. 2.25 Kimaw Medical Center.pdf, 29. 2.26 Loleta Community Chamber of Commerce.pdf, 30. 2.27 Redwood Parks Conservancy.pdf, 31. 2.28 Rio Dell Police Department.pdf, 32. 2.29 Sober First LLC dba Ascent.pdf, 33. 2.30 Southern Trinity Area Rescue.pdf, 34. Letter - CRTP Letter of Support for F Street Measure Z Funding.pdf, 35. Letter - D.Hart Measure Z Letter.pdf, 36. Letter - F and Oak Light.pdf, 37. Letter - F and Oak Traffic Light.pdf, 38. Letter - F St Stoplight.pdf, 39. Letter - F Street Stoplight 2.pdf, 40. Letter - F Street Stoplight.pdf, 41. Letter - Letter of support for Slow F Street Project.pdf, 42. Letter - Measure Z - F St.pdf, 43. Letter - Measure Z F Street.pdf, 44. Letter - Please no F Street Super Corridor.pdf, 45. Letter - Request and support for traffic light at F & Oak street!.pdf, 46. Letter - Support for Stop light at F and Oak.pdf, 47. Letter - Traffic Light at F and Oak.pdf


To:                                                               Board of Supervisors


From:                                          County Administrative Office                                          


Agenda Section:                     Departmental                                                               




Fiscal Year 2021-22 Recommendations from the Citizens’ Advisory Committee on Measure Z Expenditures





That the Board of Supervisors:

1.                     Review and provide direction on the recommendations from the Measure Z Citizens’ Advisory Committee contained in Attachment 1 for FY 2021-22.



SOURCE OF FUNDING                     

General Fund - Measure Z (889)



Fiscal Year 2021-22 Measure Z Allocations

The Citizens’ Advisory Committee on Measure Z Expenditures is tasked with receiving public input and recommending projects, programs or activities to be funded by your Board. In total, 30 applications totaling $7,308,985 were received from various county departments and outside agencies. The committee held three meetings to receive public input, solicit additional information from the applicants, and to discuss the various proposals. The committee reviewed and considered all of the qualifying applications by merit with a “yes” or “no” vote; then prioritized those with a majority “yes” vote, 23 in total, into level one, two or three, with level one being of the highest priority. The committee then further refined the list by prioritizing applications with equal scores. Through this ranking process, the committee developed a prioritized list for your Board's consideration. The list begins with the highest priority applications, allowing for the Board to make additional allocations from the list should additional funding become available at first quarter and mid-year. The committee’s letter of recommendation containing the prioritized list is included as Attachment I for your Board’s consideration.


The committee’s letter to your Board is included as Attachment 1 and an itemized list of all applications, including where the committee ranked each is included as Attachment 1.1. Copies of the applications are included as Attachment 2 (Nos. 2.1 through 2.30). In addition, all letters of support for various funding applications are contained in Attachment 3.


There is an estimated $12,515,504 in revenue available for allocation in FY 2021-22, with $8 million estimated for ongoing expenditures and $4,513,101 available for allocation at your Board’s discretion. Staff recommend that your Board review the committee’s list of recommendations and the funding applications and provide direction on which Measure Z requests will receive funding in FY 2021-22. The Citizens’ Advisory Committee’s list ranks the 23 funding applications, totaling $6,401,135.66. It should be noted that the District Attorney and Department of Health & Human Service’s Elder and Vulnerable Adult Services Team application (Attachment 2.1) was originally submitted for $222,893.98, however the vast majority of these are staffing costs that have been approved for Measure Z funding in prior years. As such, the staffing for this application have already been included in FY 21-22 and now the departments are only requesting $8,000 for training costs.


This agenda item requires that your Board select which applications will receive funding in the upcoming fiscal year. Staff recommend that your Board utilize the priority level established by the committee to make this selection.



There is an estimated $12,515,504 in revenue available for allocation in FY 2021-22, with $8 million estimated for ongoing expenditures and $4,513,101 available for allocation at your Board’s discretion. The current prioritized list of recommendations totals $4,503,663, leaving $9,438 to allocate at your Board’s discretion or roll over for use at a later date.


As the long-term economic impacts of the cannabis industry and COVID-19 pandemic on tax dollars remain unknown, staff will continue to monitor Measure Z revenues and provide your Board with updated projections annually.



This action supports your Board’s Strategic Framework by creating opportunities for improved safety and health , protecting vulnerable populations, and enforcing laws and regulations to protect residents.


OTHER AGENCY INVOLVEMENT:                     

All outside agencies receiving Measure Z funding



Board discretion.



1.                     Citizens’ Advisory Committee Letter of Recommendations

  1.1 Application Tracking Sheet with Priority Ranking

2.                     Fiscal Year 2021-22 Applications for Measure Z Funding

2.1                     Adult Protective Services and District Attorney's Office

2.2                     Arcata Police Department

2.3                     City of Trinidad

2.4                     Cooperation Humboldt

2.5                     Cooperation Humboldt's Disaster Response and Community Resilience Program

2.6                     Eureka Broadcasting Company dba KINS, KEKA, KWSW

2.7                     Eureka City Schools

2.8                     Eureka Police Department and UPLIFT Eureka

2.9                     Fortuna Police Department - DTF

2.10                     Fortuna Police Department - K9

2.11                     Fortuna Police Department - Radio

2.12                     Fortuna Police Department - SRO

2.13                     Free to Fly Foundation Single Mom's Fund

2.14                     Garberville Redway Public Restroom Working Group

2.15                     Humboldt County Fire Chiefs Association

2.16                     Humboldt County Public Defender

2.17                     Humboldt County Public Works - Chip Seal

2.18                     Humboldt County Public Works - F and Oak

2.19                     Humboldt County Public Works - Illegal Dumping

2.20                     Humboldt County Public Works - PSA

2.21                     Humboldt County Sheriff's Office - Body Worn Cameras

2.22                     Humboldt County Sheriff's Office - Dispatch

2.23                     Humboldt County Sheriff's Office - Radio Infrastructure

2.24                     Humboldt Medi-Trans

2.25                     K’ima:ww Medical Center

2.26                     Loleta Community Chamber of Commerce

2.27                     Redwood Parks Conservancy

2.28                     Rio Dell Police Department

2.29                     Sober First LLC dba Ascent

2.30                     Southern Trinity Area Rescue

3.                     Fiscal Year 2021-22 Funding Application Support Letters



Board Order No.: H-1                     

Meeting of: April 7, 2020

File No.: 20-439