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Please note: this meeting's minutes have not been finalized yet. Actions taken on legislation and their results are not available.
Meeting Name: Planning Commission Agenda status: Final
Meeting date/time: 10/7/2021 6:00 PM Minutes status: Draft  
Meeting location: 825 Fifth Street Board of Supervisors Chambers Eureka, California
Regular Meeting - Virtual
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes: Action Summary Action Summary  
Meeting video:  
Attachments: Supplemental #1 - PLN-2021-11786 Humboldt's Own, Public Comment - Carlene and Antony Coglaiti - Cannabis & Water.pdf, Public Comment - James Flower - YES in new path 17402 .pdf, Public Comment - Josine Smits - Mad River Family Farms PLN-11728-CUP PLN-11730-CUP PLN-11727-CUP.pdf, Public Comment - Leveille Family Partnership - The Apartment PLN-2020-16774.pdf, Public Comment - Jackson Hand - For the Commissioners' Consideration 17402.pdf, Supplemental #1 - PLN-2020-16774 The Apartment.pdf, Public Comment - Barbara Guest - Oct 7 Eel River Produce, LLC PLN 2020-16417.pdf, Public Comment - Marisa Darpino - 107 Planning Commission No NewAdditions to cannabis grows.pdf, Public Comment - J.Hand - PLN-2021-17402 PW Bike Path 09.19.2021.pdf, Supplemental #2 - PLN-2020-16774 The Apartment.pdf, Public Comment - April Hubner - PLN-2020-16417 Eel River Produce.pdf, Public Comment - Robert May - Special Permit Application PLN-12961-SP Aldebaran's Gaze.pdf, Public Comment - Mallory Cunningham - Re PLN-2021-17402.pdf, Public Comment - Patricia Lai - Fwd MAP SHOWING ALL CANNABIS APPLICANTS Fwd December Cannabis Report
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21-1459 11. Zoning ItemReview and approval of the September 02, 2021, Action Summary   Not available Not available
21-1460 12. Zoning ItemReview and approval of the September 16, 2021, Action Summary   Not available Not available
21-16417 11. Zoning ItemEel River Produce, LLC Special Permits, Zoning Clearance Certificates Record Number: PLN-2020-16417 APNs: 209-331-002 Redcrest Area A proposal to add 63,200 square foot of cultivation area consisting of a Special Permit to allow 43,200 square feet, including 33,200 square foot of outdoor light deprivation, and 10,000 square foot mixed light, and a Zoning Clearance Certificate to a allow a fourth RRR on the site consisting of 20,000 square feet of outdoor light deprivation. The site is presently permitted for 60,000 square feet of full-sun outdoor through three RRRs. The total cultivation at full build-out will be 133,200 square feet (3.06 acres). A 10,000-square-foot commercial nursery in four (4) greenhouses will produce seeds and clones and was approved with a separate ZCC. No supplemental light is used in the light-deprivation or nursery greenhouses. The sole source of irrigation water is rainwater catchment captured directly in and stored in hard tanks. Estimated annual water use is 161,500 gallons, of which 19,000 gallons is used for the nursery. Water storage totals 120,0   Not available Video Video
17402 11. Zoning ItemHumboldt County Department of Public Works Coastal Development Permit Record Number PLN-2021-17402 Assessor’s Parcel Number: State Highway 255 Right of Way. Manila area A Coastal Development Permit application for Humboldt County Department of Public Works to develop a Class I bike path (also known as shared use path or multi-use trail) along the western side of the Highway 255 corridor in the Manila area. The project would start near the Pacific Avenue intersection (Post Mile 3.64) and terminate north of the Carlson Drive intersection (Post Mile 4.24) for a total length of 0.6 miles. The bike path is designed as a paved, 10-foot-wide surface with two, two-foot-wide shoulders offset variable distances from the edge of the highway shoulder. The project includes 150 feet of concrete sidewalk along Pacific Avenue, a crosswalk near the Pacific Avenue/Peninsula Drive intersection, two light standards near Pacific Avenue, crosswalks at Lupin Avenue and Carlson Drive, and on-site wetland creation. The purpose of the project is to improve safety for non-motorized and motorized travele   Not available Video Video
21-16864 12. Zoning ItemWesthaven VFD Coastal Development Permit Record Number PLN-2020-16864 Assessor’s Parcel Number: 514-141-016 Trinidad Area A Coastal Development Permit (CDP) for the construction of a new 375 square foot (SF). One-story accessory pre-engineered metal building with concrete footings to store emergency vehicles and equipment for the Westhaven Volunteer Fire Department.   Not available Video Video
17292 13. Zoning ItemMcGuire Coastal Development Permit Record Number PLN-2021-17292 Assessor’s Parcel Number: 306-024-004 Fields Landing area A Coastal Development Permit for demolition of an existing 1,700 square-foot residence and existing fence, and construction of a new residence. The new 2-story residence would consist of a 788 square foot garage with a 788 square foot 1 bedroom accessory dwelling unit above. This new structure will be built adjoining an existing 960 square-foot garage/shop which will remain on site.   Not available Not available
11099 14. Zoning ItemMacras Land Company, Conditional Use Permit Record Number PLN-11099-CUP Assessor’s Parcel Number: 317-033-008 Kneeland Area A Conditional Use Permit to permit 24,123 square feet (SF) of existing cannabis cultivation, consisting of 17,262 SF outdoor cultivation and 6,861 SF mixed light cultivation. A total of 720 SF of immature/nursery space will used for propagation. Irrigation water is sourced from two existing groundwater wells and a permitted stream diversion. Annual water use is estimated at 429,500 gallons. Water storage totals 25,000 gallons in eight (8) 2,500-gallon containers, and one (1) 5,000-gallon container. Electricity is supplied by generator.   Not available Not available
12333 15. Zoning ItemAloha Top Shelf, LLC, Conditional Use Permits Record Number PLN-12333-CUP, PLN 12337-CUP, PLN-12637-CUP Assessor’s Parcel Number: 522-511-016, 522-511-013, 522-511-014 & 522-511-015 Willow Creek area Three Conditional Use Permit to allow a total of 10,250 sq. ft. of new mixed-light cannabis cultivation and 2,250 square feet of new indoor cultivation on four parcels within the Willow Creek Community Planning Area. Two of the parcels are proposed to be merged into a single parcel, resulting in a total of three parcels proposed for cannabis cultivation permits. An additional Special Permit is being requested to reduce the 600-foot setback to public lands for each of the three operations. Water will be provided by the WCCSD, and a will-serve letter is on-file. A total of 231,800 gallons of water is estimated for annual irrigation needs. There is no existing water storage on-site and no storage is required. Power is sourced by PG&E.   Not available Not available
12414 16. Zoning ItemHigh Spirits 1 and 2, LLC, Conditional Use Permit and Special Permit Record Number PLN-12414-CUP, PLN-2021-16957 Assessor’s Parcel Number: 315-291-001 Willow Creek area High Spirits 1, LLC seeks a Conditional Use Permit and a Special Permit for a total of 37,925 square feet (SF) of existing outdoor cannabis cultivation and 31,560 of new outdoor light-deprivation cultivation with ancillary propagation totaling 6,956 square feet. Irrigation water is sourced from three (3) groundwater wells and rainwater catchment. Estimated annual water use is 755,955 gallons. Electricity is sourced from generators.   Not available Not available
13037 17. Zoning ItemKarina Mata, Conditional Use Permit Record Number PLN-13037-CUP Assessor’s Parcel Number: 522-171-004 Willow Creek area A Conditional Use Permit for 17,585 square feet (SF) of existing cannabis cultivation, consisting of 7,705 SF outdoor cultivation and 9,880 SF mixed light cultivation, and a Special Permit to reduce the 600-foot setback from the Six Rivers National Forest. Plants are propagated in three (3) immature plant areas (IPAs) totaling 2,650 SF. Irrigation water is sourced from a permitted groundwater well. Annual water use is estimated at 115,500 gallons. Total water storage is 25,000 gallons and the applicant plans to increase storage to 80,000 gallons by adding more water tanks. Drying and further processing will take place onsite in a 625-SF auxiliary structure until the proposed 1,925-SF barn is permitted and constructed onsite. Power is provided by an onsite Honda Eu7000iS 7kW gasoline generator.   Not available Not available
12730 18. Zoning ItemBrandon Bilandzija, Conditional Use Permit and Special Permit Record Number PLN-12730-CUP Assessor Parcel Number (APN) 216-381-034 Alderpoint area A Conditional Use Permit for 13,350 square feet (SF) of existing outdoor cannabis cultivation. Irrigation water will be sourced from a proposed groundwater well. Existing available water storage will be 18,000 gallons. Estimated annual water usage is 195,517 gallons. Drying, bucking, and processing occurs onsite. Power for cultivation will be sourced from a proposed PG&E agricultural connection.   Not available Not available
11503 19. Zoning ItemJ and R Ranch, Conditional Use Permit and Special Permit Record Number PLN-11503-CUP Assessor Parcel Number (APN) 316-015-006 Willow Creek area Conditional Use Permit for an existing 14,000-square-foot (SF) outdoor cannabis cultivation operation and a 1,400 SF appurtenant nursery. J and R Ranch also seeks a Special Permit for work completed within a Streamside Management Areas (SMA). The project also includes the permitting of existing facilities appurtenant to the cultivation, and relocation and remediation of a historic guerrilla grow area. Irrigation water is sourced from a 295-foot-deep permitted groundwater well. Existing available water storage capacity is 11,500 gallons in five plastic water tanks. Estimated annual water usage is 240,000 gallons (17.1 gallons/SF/year). Drying occurs onsite in an existing shed and processing will occur offsite at a licensed processing or manufacturing facility. Power is sourced from five onsite generators located in two noise containment sheds.   Not available Not available
21-11786 110. Zoning ItemHumboldt’s Own, Inc. Special Permit Record Number PLN-2021-11786 Assessor’s Parcel Number: 105-071-006. Petrolia area A Special Permit for 24,800 square feet (SF) of existing outdoor cultivation, a Special Permit to relocate existing cultivation within the project area, and a Special Permit for 40,000 SF of new outdoor cultivation. Total cultivation area is 64,800 SF. Propagation occurs in four (4) greenhouses totaling 9,984 SF. The source of water for irrigation is an onsite permitted well (No. 16/17-0721). Total estimated annual water use is 1,018,450 gallons (15.7 gal/SF). There is no onsite water storage for irrigation purposes. Drying will occur in a 7,200 SF facility onsite. Further processing occurs offsite at a licensed third-party facility. The project requires a maximum of fifteen (15) employees during peak staffing season, which lasts for approximately six (6) to eight (8) weeks. Electrical power is provided by PG&E.   Not available Not available
11727 111. Zoning ItemMad River Family Farms, LLC, Conditional Use Permits and Special permit Record Number PLN-11727-CUP, PLN-11728-CUP, PLN-11730-CUP Assessor Parcel Numbers (APNs) 208-221-015, 208-221-016, 208-221-008 Dinsmore area Three Conditional Use Permits for the operation of existing full sun and light deprivation outdoor cannabis cultivation operations occurring across three adjacent and contiguous parcels, for a total of 63,701 square feet with 6,424 square feet of ancillary propagation, and a Special Permit for work within SMA areas and restoration of SMA areas including the removal of an in-stream pond. A total of 540,000 gallons of water is needed annual for all three projects, sourced from two groundwater wells and a 275,000-gallon rainwater catchment pond. A total of 437,950 gallons of water storage is available over the three properties. Processing activities are performed on APN 208-221-016 in a proposed 2,400-square-foot building or taken to a licensed off-site processing facility. Electricity is sourced from onsite solar and generator power. Access to the site is via West River Roa   Not available Not available
16774 112. Zoning ItemThe Apartment, LLC, Special Permit and Zoning Clearance Certificates Record Number PLN-2020-16774 Assessor’s Parcel Number’s 211-363-012 & 211-362-013 Miranda area A Special Permit for Non-Flammable Cannabis Manufacturing, and Infusion and two Zoning Clearance Certificates for Distribution and Commercial (off-site) processing activities within two proposed structures totaling 14,000 square feet. Water for the project will be provided by a proposed one-million-gallon rainwater catchment pond and an existing well. The applicant is also proposing to construct a new well. The applicant anticipates 60,000 gallons of water will be required for cannabis activities annually. Water storage onsite totals 30,000 gallons and an additional 2,500-gallon water tank. Power for the project will be provided by solar and wind energy. A backup generator will be onsite for emergency use only. The project involves a Conditional Use Permit for a Labor Camp consisting of a 5,120-square-foot boarding house for employee housing. The site is located on a county-maintained road however a Conditional Use Permit   Not available Not available