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Please note: this meeting's minutes have not been finalized yet. Actions taken on legislation and their results are not available.
Meeting Name: Zoning Administrator Agenda status: Final
Meeting date/time: 7/1/2021 10:00 AM Minutes status: Draft  
Meeting location: Planning and Building Department 3015 H St. Eureka, CA 95501
Regular Meeting - Virtual
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes: Action Summary Action Summary  
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Attachments: C-3 12488 Daydream Enterprises - ZA Supplemental 1, C-5 12914 - Public Comment from Leland Miller.pdf, C-6 12974 Supplemental 6.30.21.pdf, C-9 16383 - Public Comment from William Lewinson.pdf, C-12 12774 Supplemental Item Northern Realm 07.01.2021.pdf
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21-912 12. Zoning ItemJarrett Rolff, Special Permit Record Number PLN-11830-SP Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) 221-181-020 and 221-181-018. Briceland Area A Special Permit for 10,000 square-feet of existing outdoor cultivation utilizing light depravation techniques. Water for irrigation will be sourced from two existing ponds, one of which is a rainwater catchment pond, and the other is fed by an unnamed spring. The ponds have a combined capacity of over 2 million gallons. The parcel contains 60,000-gallons of hard tank water storage. The applicant estimates an annual water use of 172,000 gallons. Processing such as drying and curing will occur onsite, further processing will occur on the northern parcel under the same ownership (APN 221-181-007). Power for the operation is provided by solar and a backup generator is onsite to provide supplemental energy.   Not available Not available
21-918 18. Zoning ItemLucas Coastal Development Permit and Notice of Merger Record Number PLN-2018-15076 Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) 506-071-020. Manila Area A Coastal Development Permit to facilitate a voluntary Notice of Merger to cure a violation of the Subdivision Map Act (Document number 2019-017194 on file with the Humboldt County Recorder’s Office). The subject Assessor Parcel Number 506-071-020 contains two separate parcels, one of which was created in violation of the Subdivision Map Act (Section 66410 of the Government Code) and Section 321-1 of the Humboldt County Code circa 1972. No development is proposed as part of this project.   Not available Not available
21-919 19. Zoning ItemHumboldt Standard, LLC; Zoning Clearance Certificate and Special Permit Record Number PLN-2020-16383 Assessor’s Parcel Number: 524-075-023. Willow Creek Area A Zoning Clearance Certificate for the operation of a 16,728 square foot wholesale commercial nursery within six (6) greenhouses on existing rock quarry areas of less-than 15% slope. The applicant is also applying for a Special Permit to request a setback reduction to the Six Rivers National Forest (SRNF). The nursery will operate year-round. Water is sourced from two permitted wells on-site, and the applicant anticipates using 300,000 gallons of water per year. There is a total of 8,550 gallons of existing water storage on-site. Power will be provided by PG&E. The applicant is in the process of getting a connection to PG&E grid and is conditioned to have proof of enrollment in a 100% renewable energy program before commencing activities on-site.   Not available Not available
21-920 110. Zoning ItemRajan Coastal Development Permit and Special Permit Modification Record Number PLN-2020-16420 Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) 109-292-066. Shelter Cove Area Modification to previously approved Coastal Development Permit and Special Permit (CDP-37-92/SP-31-92) to authorize the conversion of the second lower floor of a three-story single-family residence to a separate living space. The unit is identified as an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). The project will also include construction of a 12 foot by 15-foot deck on the north side of the structure with a new stairway to access the street to accommodate the new entrance for the proposed second unit. The second lower floor plan is currently unfinished basement. The project will authorize a 1 bedroom, one bath unit with a kitchen and living room. The project will also authorize the after the fact addition of a bathroom and kitchen to the existing lower floor area, which is connected to the main unit via an existing stairwell. No tree removal is proposed, and minimal grading is required to install the new deck. No further development i   Not available Not available
21-821 111. Zoning ItemThe Humboldt County Farms, Inc, Special Permit (x3) Record Number PLN-11673-SP Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) 314-121-040. Kneeland Area A Special Permit (SP16-279) for 6,000-square-feet (SF) of existing mixed light cannabis cultivation in three greenhouses on one graded flat and two Special Permits for work within a Streamside Management Area. Irrigation water is sourced from a Class II stream diversion and is limited to 150 gallons per day subject to forbearance requirements. Total water demand is 100,000 gallons per year. Existing water storage is 90,000 gallons in eight tanks and one rain catchment pond (50,000-gallon capacity). Two additional 5,000-gallon tanks will be installed to bring total irrigation storage to 100,000 gallons. Product will be dried onsite in an existing shed and further processing will occur offsite at a licensed processing facility. Pacific Gas and Electric Company provides power to the operation. A permitted On-Site Waste Treatment System is onsite that services a three-bedroom home (Permit #314-121-40), a full-time employee, and up to two seaso   Not available Not available
21-910 11. Zoning ItemThe Humboldt County Farms, Inc. Special Permit Record Number PLN-11512-SP Assessor’s Parcel Number: 504-201-042 & 504-201-048. Arcata Area The Humboldt County Farms, LLC seeks a Special Permit for an 1,800 square-foot wholesale nursery. Water will be sourced from a rainwater catchment system that will be connected to rooftops. Existing water storage on-site is 21,900 gallons in hard tanks. Anticipated yearly water usage is 21,600 gallons per year. Power is sourced from PG&E. The applicant anticipates a total of three deliveries on average per week with no onsite sales. Typical trips would be between four and six per day.   Not available Not available
21-913 13. Zoning ItemDaydream Enterprises, LLC; Special Permit Record Number PLN-12488-SP Assessor’s Parcel Number: 208-231-013. Dinsmore Area A Special Permit for 9,000-square-feet (SF) of existing outdoor cannabis cultivation in three cultivation areas, with 1,280 square feet of ancillary nursery space in two greenhouses. The applicant proposes onsite relocation of 2,800 SF from Cultivation Area 2 to a new area adjacent to the agricultural storage area per recommendations from Timberland Resource Consultants to improve water conservation and decrease erosion potential. Irrigation water is sourced from a 168,000-gallon rain catchment pond and annual estimated water usage is 120,000 gallons. Total water storage is 14,850 gallons in six tanks. Processing is currently done onsite in the drying sheds, which include drying and machine trimming. The applicant plans to construct a commercial building for all future processing activities. Additionally, the adjacent property (APN: 208-231-011, App# 12493) utilizes the drying sheds on the subject property for processing but the applicant plans to construc   Not available Not available
21-914 14. Zoning ItemOcho Organics, LLC; Special Permit Record Number PLN-12827-CUP Assessor’s Parcel Number: 212-071-005. Miranda Area A Special Permit for 9,774 square feet of cannabis cultivation consisting of 4,668 square feet of existing mixed light and 5,106 square feet of existing outdoor cannabis cultivation. Water for irrigation will be provided by a Point of Diversion (POD) from a Class II water course located on the property. The applicant will also be utilizing rainwater catchment from the roofs of existing structures. The applicant is also proposing to drill a new well that will be used to supplement the POD. There is a total of 35,000 gallons of water storage onsite occurring in eleven (11) hard tanks. The applicant anticipates a maximum of 116,000 gallons of water will be required annually for irrigation. Processing such as drying and curing will occur in two (2) 160-square-foot shipping containers. Power for the project will be provided by PG&E.   Not available Not available
21-915 15. Zoning ItemBrandon Mismash, Special Permit Record Number PLN-12914-SP Assessor’s Parcel Number: 108-121-019. Shelter Cove Area A Special Permit for 10,000 square feet of existing outdoor cannabis cultivation in light deprivation greenhouses. Propagation will occur in a 1,000-square-foot greenhouse. Water for irrigation will be provided by a Point of Diversion (POD) from the South Fork Bear River Creek and an existing well. There is 30,250 gallons of water storage located onsite occurring in eight (8) 3,000-gallon tanks, two (2) 2,500-gallon tanks, and one (1) 1,250-gallon tank. The applicant anticipates approximately 150,000 gallons will be required annually for irrigation. Processing such as drying and curing will occur in the 800-square-foot harvest storage structure. Further processing such as trimming, and packaging will take place off-site a licensed third-party processing facility. Power for the project currently is provided by an 13000KW Kubota diesel generator. The generator is rated at 63 db at 23 feet without enclosure. The generator will be housed in a shed and kept in second   Not available Not available
21-916 16. Zoning ItemNicholas C. Paissios; Special Permit Record Number PLN-12974-SP Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) 208-241-001. Dinsmore Area A Special Permit for 8,000 of existing outdoor commercial cannabis cultivation utilizing light depravation techniques to achieve two harvests annually. The project will be supported by a 800 square-foot nursery. Water for irrigation will is sourced from an existing well and a second well is proposed. The applicant projects an annual water usage of 99,040 gallons. Existing available water storage totals 10,200 gallons. All processing will occur on site in an existing structure. A solar array will supply a majority of the required energy and a generator will be onsite to provide supplemental energy. The applicant is also applying for a Special Permit to request a setback reduction to Six Rivers National Forest and a Special Permit for remediation efforts in the Streamside Management Area.   Not available Not available
21-917 17. Zoning ItemFat Quail Farms, Inc.; Special Permit Record Number PLN-13273-SP Assessor’s Parcel Number: 217-391-001 Blocksburg, area A Special Permit for a maximum of 10,000 square feet (SF) of outdoor cannabis cultivation. Existing outdoor cultivation is 9,969 SF occurring in sixteen (16) full-sun outdoor cultivation areas. Plants are propagated in a 1,250 SF nursery. Irrigation water is sourced from a permitted groundwater well. Total estimated annual water use is 125,770 gallons (12.6 gallons/SF). Total water storage is 36,000 gallons. Drying and curing take place on site within a 3,360-SF barn and 1,820-SF multiuse building. Further processing occurs offsite at a licensed third-party facility. The primary source of electrical power is a solar array and two (2) 3-kW generators.   Not available Not available
21-825 112. Zoning ItemNorthern Realm, Inc, Special Permit Record Number PLN-12774-SP Assessor’s Parcel Number: 221-151-024. Garberville Northern Realm, Inc. seeks approval of a Special Permit 9,780 SF of mixed-light cultivation in three (3) areas, CA 1 (2,980 SF), CA 2 (5,800 SF), and CA 3 (1,000 SF). Eight (8) former cultivation areas (“old outdoor cultivation”, OOC 1 - OOC 8) have been abandoned in favor of expanded operations near the center of the site, further removed from surface waters. Propagation would occur onsite in a 960-SF greenhouse. Irrigation water is sourced from an unnamed spring that feeds into an unnamed stream, which is a tributary to Mattole Canyon Creek (Registration #H505893). Water storage consists of two (2) hard plastic storage tanks that hold a total of 5,320 gallons of water onsite. There is one (1) 2,500-gallon tank and one (1) 2,820-gallon tank. Drying and post-cultivation processing would occur onsite in a 3,000-SF shop. There would be one (1) full-time employee and an average of four (4) employees during harvest. Electricity is provided by a Honda 2000i generator a   Not available Not available