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Meeting Name: Planning Commission Agenda status: Final-revised
Meeting date/time: 8/20/2020 6:00 PM Minutes status: Final  
Meeting location: 825 Fifth Street Board of Supervisors Chambers Eureka, California
Regular Meeting - Virtual
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes: Action Summary Action Summary  
Meeting video:  
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20-1067 15. Zoning ItemRiverbar Lavendar Farm, LLC; Conditional Use Permit Record Number PLN-15779-CUP Assessor Parcel Number (APN)204-331-019 Hydesville area, An application for a Conditional Use Permit for 12, 000 square feet (SF) of new cultivation in the Hydesville Community Planning Area. Project includes for 6,000 SF of new mixed-light cultivation in two hoop houses and 6,000 SF of new open air outdoor commercial cannabis cultivation. Water for irrigation is sourced from a well onsite. Annual water use is estimated at 52,800 gallons. Processing will occur off site at a licensed processing facility. On-grid power is provided to the site.approvedPass Action details Not available
20-1068 16. Zoning ItemYeti Enterprises, LLC, Conditional Use Permit Record Number PLN-12241-CUP Assessor Parcel Number (APN) 510-211-053 McKinleyville area Conditional Use Permit for 4,775 square feet (SF) of new indoor cultivation. The proposed project includes a new two story 3,844 SF building. The applicant projects 4-5 cultivation cycles per year. Water for irrigation would be sourced from the McKinleyville Community Services District. Water would be stored in nine tanks totaling 2,900 gallons. Drying and curing would occur on-site, with all other processing occurring in a licensed off-site processing facility. The subject property is served by P.G.&E. power and the applicant will enroll in the P.G.&E. Solar and Renewable Energy Program.approvedPass Action details Not available
20-1063 11. Zoning ItemHolly Carr, Conditional Use Permit Record Number PLN-12913-CUP Assessor Parcel Numbers (APNs) 223-016-017, 223-071-004, 223-071-018 and 223-016-010 Garberville area A Conditional Use Permit for the continued operation of 23,300 square feet of existing outdoor cannabis cultivation with ancillary propagation. Water for irrigation is sourced from two existing wells located on the subject parcel. Water is stored in hard tanks with a total of 72,000 gallons of available water storage serving the project. The applicant anticipates two cultivation cycle per year. Annual water usage is estimated at 220,850 gallons. Four employees are required during peak operations. Processing such as drying will take place on-site in an existing 1,980 square foot Agricultural Tent. Trimming will take place offsite at a licensed facility. Electricity is sourced from generators.approvedPass Action details Video Video
20-1064 12. Zoning ItemEnchanted Farms, LLC, Conditional Use Permit and Special Permit Record Number PLN-2019-16069 Assessor’s Parcel Number 524-201-032-000 Willow Creek Area A Conditional Use Permit CUP for 3,000 square feet of existing light deprivation commercial cannabis cultivation. The CUP is a requirement of the Commercial Cannabis Land Ordinance (CCLUO) to seek an exception to the residence setbacks and odor mitigation requirements within the Community Planning Area. A Special Permit is also requested for the relaxation of the 600' setback from Six Rivers National Forest. The applicant anticipates two cultivation cycles per year. Water for irrigation is provided by from Willow Creek Community Service District. There is currently one 500-gallon mixing tank on-site, and the applicants plans to add a 2,500-gallon tank for fire suppression water storage. Processing is proposed to occur on-site. Power is provided by Pacific Gas and Electric and propane.approvedPass Action details Video Video
20-1065 13. Zoning ItemDean Crisp, Conditional Use Permit Record Number PLN-11019-CUP Assessor Parcel Number (APN) 315-093-006 Titlow Hill area Conditional Use Permit for 43,560 square feet (SF) of existing outdoor cultivation. Water for irrigation would be sourced from three rainwater catchment ponds located on contiguous parcel under common ownership APN 315-092-007. Additional water storage is in fifteen tanks totaling 29,475 gallons. Drying and curing and processing would occur on-site in the existing ancillary processing facility. The subject property is served by generator power used to carry out processing.approvedPass Action details Video Video
20-1066 14. Zoning ItemRockaway Investments, LLC, Conditional Use Permit Record Number PLN-12280-CUP Assessor’s Parcel Number 208-111-028-000 Bridgeville area A Conditional Use Permit for commercial cannabis cultivation consisting of 9,948 square feet of existing outdoor cultivation within greenhouses and 1,400 sf existing full-sun outdoor. 900 sf of ancillary propagation space is also proposed. Water for irrigation is sourced from an existing permitted well. Water is stored in eight HDPE water tanks and one water bladder, totaling 19,900 gallons. Two (2) cultivation cycles per annum are anticipated. Processing will occur off-site by a third party. The site is supported by solar panels and one backup generator contained within a shed.continuedPass Action details Video Video
20-1069 11. Zoning ItemAdesa Organic, LLC, Conditional Use Permits Application Number 11923 Case Number PLN-11923-CUP Assessor’s Parcel Numbers (APNs) 315-145-002, 315-211-003 and 315-211-004 23550 Maple Creek Road, Korbel, Maple Creek area Conditional Use Permits to allow 86,400 square feet of new mixed-light cannabis cultivation, a drying facility, a storage facility, associated cloning/propagation facilities (not to exceed 8,640 square feet) and other improvements in accordance with Humboldt County Code Section 314-55.4 of Chapter 4 of Division I of Title III, Commercial Medical Marijuana Land Use Ordinance (CMMLUO). The business is proposed to operate on one legal parcel consisting of three APNs (315-145-002, 315-211-003 and 315-211-004) and totaling 443 acres. A total of four permits are being requested in accordance with the parcel size allowances specified in section of the CMMLUO (parcels 320 acres or larger in size). Electrical power will be generated by a combination of on-site solar power and diesel generators. A total of approximately 20 employees are proposed. ProcessincontinuedPass Action details Video Video
20-1070 11. Zoning ItemRolling Meadow Ranch, LLC; Conditional Use Permits Record Number PLN-12529-CUP Assessor Parcel Numbers (APNs) 217-201-001, 217-181-027, 217-181-028, 217-182-001, 217-024-011, 217-024-006, 217-024-010, 217-024-003, 217-025-001 2189 & 2487 McCann Road, and in the Blocksburg/Myers Flat area Six Conditional Use Permits for 5.77 acres of mixed light cultivation and processing facilities located in five distinct cultivation areas. The proposed cannabis operation will be primarily located on APNs 217-181-002 and 217-201-001. Cultivation would occur in 16 greenhouses. Operations would occur year-round and there will be a maximum of four cultivation cycles annually. Annual water use is approximately 4,628,200 gallons. Water will be provided by three existing wells. There will be 320,000 gallons of hard-sided tank storage that will store rain from rooftop runoff. Processing, including drying, curing and trimming, will take place on site within 5 proposed processing structures totaling 33,750 square feet. There will be a maximum of 30 employees during peak operations. The proposed projecontinuedPass Action details Not available
20-1071 12. Zoning ItemCannabis Ordinance Amendments for Small Cultivators, Personal Use and Financial Security Case Numbers PLN-2020-16447, PLN-2020-16571 and PLN-2020-16479 Countywide The proposed Small Cultivator amendments modify Sections 314-, 314-, 314- and 314- of the Commercial Cannabis Land Use Ordinance in Chapter 4 - the Zoning Regulations (Title III of Humboldt County Code) to facilitate permitting of small new and pre-existing cannabis farms adjacent to homes that existed prior to December 31, 2016 by establishing a streamlined permitting pathway. The eligible farms minimize the impacts on the environment and archaeological resources because they are owner-occupied, the cultivation area is no more than 2,000 square feet in size and within the already disturbed homesite area of the existing home. Also, water for irrigation is provided from permitted non-diversionary sources, permaculture is practiced, and the cultivation is done outdoors or in permitted or ag exempted hoophouses/greenhouses and does not use generators for electrical power. The proposecontinuedPass Action details Not available
20-1072 13. Zoning ItemThresholds of Significance for Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) to evaluate environmental impacts of projects Case Number: PLN-2020-16529 Countywide Project Description: To comply with new California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requirements, the County is adopting thresholds of significance for vehicle miles traveled (VMT) to evaluate environmental impacts of projects. “Vehicle miles traveled” refers to the amount and distance of automobile travel attributable to a project. The proposed thresholds of significance are based on the type of project, and/or location, and projects that meet these criteria are expected to result in less-than significant VMT impacts.continuedPass Action details Not available