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Please note: this meeting's minutes have not been finalized yet. Actions taken on legislation and their results are not available.
Meeting Name: Planning Commission Agenda status: Final
Meeting date/time: 5/7/2020 6:00 PM Minutes status: Draft  
Meeting location: 825 Fifth Street Board of Supervisors Chambers Eureka, California
Regular Meeting
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes: Not available  
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20-492 11. Zoning ItemReview and approval of the September 19, 2019 Action Summary.   Not available Not available
20-493 12. Zoning ItemReview and approval of the January 9, 2020 Action Summary.   Not available Not available
20-491 13. Zoning ItemReview and approval of the March 05, 2020 Action Summary.   Not available Not available
20-494 14. Zoning ItemParkinson Parcel Map Subdivision Case Number PLN-2019-15667 Assessor Parcel Number (APN) 504-161-001 55 Glendale Drive, Arcata area Project Description: A Minor Subdivision of an approximately 19-acre parcel into two parcels of 5.5 acres and 13.5 acres. The parcel is currently developed with a single-family residence and detached Accessory Dwelling Unit that will remain on proposed Parcel 1. An exception to the State FireSafe Regulations has been requested and approved by Calfire to allow the subdivision to be served by a road that does not meet the Category 4 road width due to an existing tunnel under State Highway 299. The parcels will be served by on-site water (wells) and on-site wastewater treatment systems.   Not available Not available
20-495 15. Zoning ItemDerek and Jeanette Ford Parcel Map Subdivision Extension Case Number PLN-2019-15744 Assessor Parcel Number 510-142-031 2241 McKinleyville Avenue, McKinleyville area Project Description: A two-year extension to a previously approved subdivision. The original project included a Minor Subdivision of a 22,370 square foot parcel into two parcels of 14,290 square feet (net) and 8,080 square feet (net). The parcel is developed with a single-family residence that will remain on proposed Parcel 1. Water and sewer are provided by the McKinleyville Community Services District. No change to the original project is proposed. This is the first extension requested and if approved, the extension will expire on August 15, 2021.   Not available Not available
20-496 16. Zoning ItemHooven Trust Zone Reclassification Application Number 13716 Case Number ZR-17-008 Assessor Parcel Number 511-501-002 2361 Elizabeth Road, McKinleyville area Project Description: A Zone Reclassification to change the zoning from Timberland Production Zone (TPZ) to Agriculture General with a five-acre minimum parcel size (AG-B-5(5)). The change in zoning from TPZ is through a 10-year non-renewal, and the lands will remain TPZ until the completion of the slide-out. The current general plan designation is Residential Agriculture with a density of one unit per five to twenty acres (RA5-20) which was changed as part of the General Plan Update in 2017. The parcel is approximately 20 acres in size and is currently developed with a single-family residence, a second dwelling unit, and accessory structures.   Not available Not available
20-497 17. Zoning ItemSunny Slope Ranch, LLC, Conditional Use Permit Application Number 11296 Project Number PLN-11296-CUP Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) 208-112-024 26980 State Highway 36, Bridgeville, CA Project Description: Conditional Use Permit to allow continued operation of an existing 12,970 square foot (SF) outdoor and 5,270 SF mixed light commercial cannabis cultivation. Irrigation water is sourced from rainwater catchment. Water storage consists of 467,000 gallons contained within existing tanks and basins. Five (5) employees are proposed. Processing is proposed to occur on-site. Power is provided by solar energy with a generator back-up.   Not available Not available
20-498 18. Zoning ItemRedwoods Rural Health Center General Plan Amendment & Zone Reclassification Record Number: PLN-2019-15571 Assessor Parcel Number 077-312-009 Garberville area Project Description: A General Plan Amendment and Zone Reclassification to change the County’s General Plan land use designation for the site from Residential Low Density (RL) to Commercial Services (CS), and to rezone the site from Residential Single Family with a Manufactured Home Combining Zone (R-1-T) to Community Commercial (C-2). A Q-Qualified Zone is proposed to limit the future uses of the property to be compatible with the adjacent dental and medical office and the surrounding single-family homes. The proposed amendment would facilitate the paving and landscaping of approximately 0.23 acres of the 0.33-acre project site to create 35 parking spaces in support of the dental and medical office on the adjacent Redwood Rural Health Center (RRHC) property. This adjacent 1.11-acre property at 101 West Coast Road (APN 077-312-015) contains health and dental facilities and is planned CS and zoned C-2. The project includes an e   Not available Not available
20-499 19. Zoning ItemBenbow Valley Farms Conditional Use Permit and Special Permit Record Number: PLN-11421-CUP Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN): 033-170-013 Benbow area Project Description: A Conditional Use Permit for 11,430 square feet of existing outdoor cannabis cultivation within greenhouses. A 1,300-square-foot greenhouse that will be used for propagation. Cultivation activities extend April through November. There will be a maximum of two harvests annually. The applicant estimates 96,500 gallons of water is required annually for irrigation. Water for irrigation is sourced from a groundwater well and a point of diversion located on an unnamed Class III watercourse that is tributary to Milk Ranch Creek. Water diverted for irrigation is stored in a 750,000-gallon offstream pond. Water storage totals 778,000 gallons in a series of hard-sided tanks and the pond. Processing including drying, curing, and trimming occur onsite in an existing structure. No employees are required to meet operational needs. Electricity is sourced from a generator. The project includes a Special Permit for development within    Not available Not available
20-505 111. Zoning ItemLucchesi Lot Line Adjustment and Zone Boundary Adjustment Case Number PLN-2019-15634 Assessor’s Parcel Numbers 504-221-015, 504-221-017 891 and 1019 Aldergrove Road, Arcata Area Project Description: A Lot Line Adjustment (LLA) between two parcels resulting in two parcels. APN 504-221-017 will increase in size by approximately 4 acres to align with the existing General Plan designation boundary between the Residential Estates (RE) and Timber (T) plan designation. Each parcel is currently developed with a single-family residence and after the LLA, one parcel will contain two residences and the other will be vacant. Also included is a Zone Boundary Adjustment to adjust the Agriculture General (AG) and Timberland Production Zone (TPZ) zone boundary to follow the adjusted parcel lines. The main purpose of the LLA is to alleviate water systems crossing property lines. The parcels are served with on-site water and on-site wastewater treatment systems.   Not available Not available
20-500 110. Zoning ItemSkyline Farms, LLC, Conditional Use Permit Record No.: PLN-11718-CUP Assessor’s Parcel Numbers: 220-312-002 & 222-163-001 215 Seely Creek Road, Redway area Project Description: Conditional Use Permit for existing 20,000 square foot (sf) outdoor cultivation operation, and a 2,000-sf ancillary nursery in two temporary hoop structures. The operation occurs on Assessor Parcels 220-312-002 & 222-163-001 which comprise one legal parcel. The applicant proposes the construction of an approximately 317,000-gallon rainwater catchment pond to meet irrigation demands. Processing would occur on site in a proposed 1,200 square foot commercial facility.   Not available Video Video
20-501 11. Zoning ItemAllpoints Outdoor, Inc. Special Permit for Reconstruction of a Legal Nonconforming Billboard Structure Record Number PLN-2019-10629 Assessor Parcel Numbers 305-031-007, 305-031-008, and 305-031-009 Eureka Area Project Description: An application for a Special Permit to authorize reconstruction of a legal nonconforming billboard structure that was damaged in recent winter storms. The billboard was blown down in November 2019 due to severe winds during a storm event, damaging most of the support posts. The project proposes to erect the billboard by reconstruction in its current location. Reconstruction could involve any or all of the following methods: 1) excavation of all existing posts and replacement in the existing post holes; 2) excavation of some of the existing posts and replacement of all necessary posts, while sistering new posts to any existing posts which could be retained; 3) excavation of the existing posts, and replacement with new posts in the same general location, but not necessarily within the existing post holes. No changes to the height or width of the billboard i   Not available Video Video
20-506 11. Zoning ItemHumboldt County Department of Public Works Coastal Development Permit Case Number PLN-2019-15881 Assessor Parcel Number State Highway 255 Right of Way Manila Area Project Description: A Coastal Development Permit application for Humboldt County Department of Public Works to develop a Class I bike path (also known as shared use path or multi-use trail) along 0.6 miles of Highway 255 corridor in the Manila area. The project includes 150 feet of concrete sidewalk along Pacific Avenue, a crosswalk near the Pacific Avenue/Peninsula Drive intersection, two light standards, and on-site wetland creation. The purpose of the project is to improve safety for non-motorized and motorized travelers in Manila and increase the use of active modes of transportation.   Not available Video Video
20-507 12. Zoning ItemAccessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance Project Description: To comply with new state requirements, the Coastal Second Residential Unit Ordinance (Section 313-87.1 of Title 3 Division 1 of Humboldt County Code) and the Inland Second and Secondary Dwelling Units Ordinance (Section 314-87.1 of Title 3 Division 1 of Humboldt County Code) is being repealed and replaced by a new Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance. The new ordinance includes reduced parking requirements and permitting requirements to encourage construction of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), allowing ADUs to be built as principally permitted structures in all zoning districts that allow single family and multifamily uses, and reducing fees charged for public water and wastewater services for ADUs. The new ordinance goes beyond state requirements by allowing “Tiny Homes” to be used as ADUs, modifying the Alternative Owner Builder (AOB) Regulations (Section 331.5-1 of Title 3 Division 3 of Humboldt County Code) to allow ADUs to be built as AOB units, and adding building codes for Tiny Homes to the building regulations in Sectio   Not available Not available
20-502 13. Zoning ItemHomestead Collective Weed Company, LLC Special Permits Record Number: PLN-12237-SP Assessor’s Parcel Number: 217-401-011 5576 Homestead Road, Blocksburg area Project Description: A Special Permit for 9,000 square feet of existing outdoor cannabis cultivation. Cultivation activities extend from April to October. The applicant projects one cultivation cycle per year. Water for irrigation is sourced from an existing onstream pond and one point of diversion from an unnamed spring. Annual water use is 107,000 gallons. Water storage includes 287,500 gallons in a series of hard-sided tanks and the 252,500-gallon pond. Processing activities including drying, curing, and trimming would occur onsite in an existing structure. Electricity is sourced from generator power that is used to power the residence. The proposed project also includes a Special Permit to allow development within the Streamside Management Area of Basin Creek for a point of diversion and an onstream pond that is utilized for irrigation.   Not available Not available
20-503 14. Zoning ItemSun Ocean West Manufactured Home Park Expansion Application Number 14268 Case Numbers CUP-18-034, SP-18-040, NOM-18-012 Assessor Parcel Numbers 510-171-039, 040, and 060 1000 and 1010 Murray Road McKinleyville area Project Description: Proposed expansion of Ocean West Manufactured Home Park. The Lot Merger portion of the proposed project consists of the merging of two vacant parcels (4.5 acre and 0.57-acre) into the 25.33 acre developed manufactured home park resulting in a parcel of 30.4 acres. The merger is to allow for the expansion of the park by 35 units for a total of 160 units. The Conditional Use Permit is required to operate a manufactured home park in the C-1 Neighborhood Commercial zoning district. There is a previously approved Conditional Use Permit (CUP-37-77) for the existing 25.33-acre portion of Ocean West. The Special Permit is required for development within the Streamside Management Area (SMA) protective buffer of Widow White Creek, resulting in temporary and permanent impacts to the riparian habitat and associated wetlands.   Not available Not available
20-504 11. Zoning ItemPolicy for Applicant Presentations   Not available Not available