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Please note: this meeting's minutes have not been finalized yet. Actions taken on legislation and their results are not available.
Meeting Name: Planning Commission Agenda status: Final
Meeting date/time: 11/16/2023 6:00 PM Minutes status: Draft  
Meeting location: 825 Fifth Street Board of Supervisors Chambers Eureka, California
Regular Meeting - Hybrid
Published agenda: Agenda (PDF) Agenda (PDF) Published minutes: Not available  
Meeting video:  
Attachments: Susan Franke 11.4.23 - Ruffino.pdf, Ant Lumps 11.6.23 - Valadao.pdf, Butch 11.5.23 - Stoyonov.pdf, Chris Vasquez 11.1.23 - STR.pdf, Mara Parker 10.30.23 - STR.pdf, Mara Parker 10.31.23 - STR.pdf, Myrna Weingartner 11.5.23 - Valadao.pdf, Randy Clark 11.07.23 - Stoyanov.pdf, Natalie Giannini - 11.13.23 - Valadao.pdf, Carisse Geronimo - 11.14.23 - Valadao.pdf, Hannah - 11.14.23 - Valadao.pdf, Jim Hilton - 11.14.23 - Valadao.pdf, Molly Martin - 11.14.23 - Valadao.pdf, Stacy Becker - 11.14.23 - Valadao.pdf, Daniel Chandler - 11.14.23 - Valadao.pdf, Kate McClain - 11.14.23 - Valadao.pdf, 11929 Georgi Stoyanov Supplemental 11.16.23.pdf, Patti Stuart - 11.15.23 - Valadao.pdf, Patricia Krebs - 11.15.23 - Valadao.pdf, L Peterson - 11.15.23 - Valadao.pdf, Jeff Aran 11.15.23 - STR.pdf, Trinidad Retreats - 11.15.23 - STR.pdf, 17560 Valadao Supplemental 11.16.23.pdf, Carole Huey - 11.15.23 - Valadao Petition.pdf, Patrick Boland - 11.15.23 - JDS.pdf, Rebecca Ayala - 11.15.23 - STR.pdf, John Rotter - 11.15.23 - STR.pdf
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23-1531 11. ResolutionVIPA Farmers, LLC, Conditional Use Permit Assessor Parcel Numbers (APN) 219-011-007-000 Record No.: PLN-11269-CUP Salmon Creek area A Conditional Use Permit for 12,536 square feet of existing mixed light cannabis cultivation. Three harvests are anticipated annually. The project is supported by a 1,250 square foot propagation greenhouse. Water for irrigation is sourced from an existing 300,000-gallon rainwater catchment pond and 6 hard tanks totaling 6,200 gallons. Ordinary annual water usage totals 216,895 gallons (21.8 gallons per SF). All processing occurs onsite. Electricity is currently sourced from a diesel generator; however, the applicant is seeking to obtain grid power through PG&E.   Not available Not available
23-1521 12. ResolutionPanther Rock Growers, MBC Assessor’s Parcel Numbers: 210-162-007 Record Numbers: PLN-11496-CUP Dinsmore area A Conditional Use Permit for 5,120 square feet of existing mixed light and 15,841 square feet of existing outdoor commercial cannabis cultivation supported by a 1,792 square foot ancillary nursery. Estimated annual water usage is 126,000 gallons and is sourced from a point of diversion and rainwater catchment. Water storage totals 197,750 gallons. Onsite processing is proposed and power is sourced from a generator.   Not available Not available
23-1522 13. ResolutionBarrett Farms, LLC Assessor’s Parcel Number: 208-341-034 Record Numbers: PLN-11547-CUP Dinsmore area A Conditional Use Permit for 12,650 square feet of existing outdoor cultivation and 2,000 square feet of mixed light cannabis cultivation. Water for irrigation is sourced from rainwater catchment and an existing well. Water is stored in hard tanks totaling 105,750 gallons. Drying and other processing occurs at an adjacent parcel (APN 208-241-032). Electricity is sourced from solar power, with a backup generator.   Not available Not available
23-1524 11. ResolutionValadao - Final Map Subdivision, Conditional Use Permit, Planned Unit Development Application Number: PLN-2021-17560 Assessor Parcel Number (APN) 510-381-021 McKinleyville area A Major Subdivision of an approximately 2.47-acre parcel into nineteen (19) parcels. The parcel is currently developed with a single-family residence which will be sited on its own parcel along with shared parking facilities, a laundry building, and a storage building and accessory dwelling unit. An existing detached garage and two other outbuildings are proposed to be removed. A Planned Development Permit is also being requested to allow for clustered development of approximately 61 units, and to allow for shared parking facilities, reduced setbacks from interior lot lines, reduced lot size, and a reduced road right-of-way width. The proposed development includes three different housing types: thirty-two (32) one-bedroom units and twenty-four (24) two-bedroom townhouse units configured in a four-plex fashion, and four (4) single-family dwelling units. A Conditional Use Permit is requested to allow fo   Not available Not available
23-1533 12. ResolutionRuffino - Final Map Subdivision and Coastal Development Permit Application Number: PLN-2023-18066 Assessor Parcel Number (APN) 508-091-039 McKinleyville area A Major Subdivision of an approximately 3.87-acre parcel into six (6) parcels ranging in size from approximately 18,123 square feet (net) to 35,737 square feet (net) in size. The parcel is located in the Coastal Zone and a Coastal Development Permit (CDP) is being sought in connection with the proposed subdivision. The site is currently vacant and will be served with community water and sewer provided by the McKinleyville Community Service District.   Not available Not available
23-1530 11. OrdinanceDraft Short-term Rental Ordinance Record No.: LRP-2022-17963 & LRP-2023-18254 All unincorporated areas of Humboldt County Inland and coastal zone ordinances to allow the use of residences for short-term rentals within the unincorporated areas of Humboldt County. The ordinance does the following: a) Creates two tiers of rentals consisting of units partially rented by the occupants of the residence and rental of the whole unit; b) Establishes performance criteria for the operation of short term rentals; c) Creates an Administrative Permit to authorize rentals which comply with the ordinance and allows approval of a discretionary permit when deviations from standards are requested. d) Creates a cap for the number of units allowed around the Humboldt Bay Area The new ordinance would affect the following code sections: 1. Inland: Adds section 314-60.05, amends the tables in section 314-6 and 314-9, amends sections 314-37, 314-44, 314-55, 314-138, 314-141, 314-143, 314-153, 314-154, 314-157, 314-158, 314-163, 314-174 and 314-177 in Chapter 4 of Division 1 of T   Not available Not available
23-1532 12. OrdinanceSign Ordinance Assessor Parcel Numbers (APN) 000-000-000 Record No.: PLN-2023-18011 Countywide Amendment of the Inland and Coastal Zoning Ordinance sections regulating Signs and Nameplates to provide a uniform set of standards for the development, siting, size and installation of signs and (Section 87.3 of Chapter 3 and Section 87.2 of Chapter 4 of Division 1 of Title III of Humboldt County Code). These standards will protect aesthetic values along scenic highways, coastal views, and scenic areas; encourage siting in preferred locations to help preserve the County’s environmentally sensitive habitat areas; ensure compatibility with Caltrans Outdoor Advertising Act requirements; and create standards to manage the size and locations of signs. The ordinance proposes changes to the following sections: 1. Amends sections 314-87.2.1 through 314-87.2.2 and adds sections 314-87.2.3, 87.2.4, 87.2.5, 87.2.6, 87.2.7, 87.2.8, and 87.2.9 in Chapter 4 of Division 1 of Title III of the County Code for the inland areas of the County. 2. Amends sections 313-87.3.1, 87.3.2, and 87.3.3 an   Not available Not available
23-1525 11. Zoning ItemJDS Construction Inc. Special Permit Record Number: PLN-2023-18288 Assessor Parcel Number: 512-072-002 A Special Permit for the construction of a new 2,032 square foot two-story two-bedroom Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) pursuant to Section 314- of the Humboldt County Code (HCC).   Not available Not available
23-1523 12. Zoning ItemGeorgi Stoyanov Special Permit Assessor Parcel Number: 212-311-002 Record No.: PLN-11929-SP Miranda Area A Special Permit for 9,975 square feet (SF) of existing outdoor cannabis utilizing light deprivation techniques and 1,470 SF of ancillary propagation, which will be reduced to 980 SF. Irrigation water is sourced from a permitted groundwater well. A hydrogeological report concludes the well is not hydrologically connected to surface waters or other significant groundwater sources. Existing available water storage is 6,300 gallons in four (4) hard-sided tanks. The applicant has proposed to obtain an additional 20,000 gallons of hard tank water storage for a total of 26,300 gallons. Estimated annual water usage is 132,000 gallons. Drying and processing occurs onsite in an existing residential accessory structure pursuant Department Policy Statement No. 21-02. No employees are proposed for project operations. Power is provided by Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E).   Not available Not available