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Type: Zoning Item Status: Reported from Committee
File created: In control: Planning Commission
On agenda: 4/4/2019 Final action:
Title: GPU Zoning Text Amendments Record Number: 28200
Attachments: 1. PC Supplemental GPU 4-4.19


GPU Zoning Text Amendments

Record Number:  28200


Project Description:  New Zoning Districts are proposed to be added to the Inland Zoning Ordinance and existing zoning text is proposed to be amended to be consistent with the 2017 Humboldt County General Plan. The Humboldt County General Plan was adopted in October, 2017 which established the kinds, locations, and intensities of land uses within the unincorporated areas of the County by applying land use designations to properties. To be consistent with the new Land Use Maps and General Plan policies and standards, new Zoning Districts are proposed to be added to the Inland Zoning Ordinance (Section 314 of Title Ill, Division 1, Chapter 4 of Humboldt County Code).  The proposed changes being reviewed at the April 4, 2019 meeting include the following:

1.                     Add a new “TE - Timberland Exclusive” zone to be applied to areas with a “T - Timberland” General Plan Land Use designation that are not zoned “TPZ” or AE-B-5-(160) and part of an agricultural preserve,

2.                     Add a new “PRD - Planned Rural Development” Combining Zone to provide voluntary clustering of home sites on resource lands.  

3.                     Amend Section 314-7.1 “AE - Agriculture Exclusive Zone”, to increase the minimum parcel size to 60 acres, allow the uses specified in the AE - Agricultural Exclusive General Plan designation, allow subdivisions to increase agricultural productivity, and to limit conversion of prime agricultural soils;

4.                     Amend Section 314-7.4 “TPZ - Timberland Production Zone” to allow the uses specified in the T - Timber Production General Plan designation,

5.                     Amend Section 314-21.1 “F - Flood Hazard Areas” to require a Special Permit for residential development on substandard-sized parcels in a flood hazard zone,

6.                     Amend Section 314-61.1 Streamside Management Areas and Wetlands to align with the standards of the Open Space Element, and

7.                     Amend Section 312, Administration, Procedures, Amendments and Enforcement to incorporate findings of consistency with the General Plan Open Space Plan.

At the following meeting on April 18, 2019, the Planning Commission is scheduled to continue their review of the following related zoning text amendments:

8.                     Add Mixed Use Zones that apply to areas with MU - Mixed Use, VC - Village Center, or RCC - Rural Community Center General Plan designations,

9.                     Amend Section 314-17.1 “B - Special Building Site” Combining Zone to reduce the building site area for the “B-1” Combining Zone from 8,000 square feet to 6,000 square feet.

The proposed new Zone Districts would apply throughout the non-coastal areas of unincorporated Humboldt County. The Planning and Building Department is recommending the Planning Commission approve the proposed changes to the Zoning Ordinance and the Addendum to the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the General Plan prepared for this project.